The Metaverse agency

Welcome to the Metaverse! Our agency specializes in creating innovative immersive experiences. We work with the latest technologies to deliver solutions that redefine the boundaries of user experience.


Cybel’Art creates captivating experiences using augmented reality to add virtual elements to physical reality.

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Cybel’Art’s phygital experiences combine the physical and digital worlds to deliver personalized, interactive experiences.

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With virtual reality, Cybel’Art enables users to plunge into immersive, interactive worlds for entertainment or training experiences.

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Cybel’Art offers customized web solutions to help companies grow in the digital marketplace, providing websites, applications and e-commerce solutions.

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[XR] Réalité MIXTE

Cybel’Art combines virtual and augmented reality technologies to create even more immersive experiences, blending physical and virtual reality.

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Web 3.0

Cybel’Art explores the possibilities of the next generation of web technologies, including blockchain and the Internet of Things, to create innovative solutions for businesses and users.

A digital revolution

At Cybel’Art, we use cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality and holography to push back the boundaries of the digital world. Our innovative solutions, icologram®, icolocoin® and icolocard®, offer unique, immersive visual experiences. Thanks to our phygital approach, we bring physical objects to life by integrating digital elements to create memorable and differentiating experiences. Explore the new digital frontiers with Cybel’Art and strengthen your business with our revolutionary solutions.

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Our Swiss digital agency offers you innovative solutions

As a leading digital agency, Cybel’Art focuses on innovation and security to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Our phygital solutions, icologram®, icolocoin® and icolocard®, combine the physical and digital worlds to create unique, immersive experiences that strengthen your business. We also guarantee the security, traceability and transparency of digital transactions, allowing you to focus on growing your business with confidence. Call on Cybel’Art to transform your customer experiences and ensure the protection of your digital transactions.

The contraction between “icon” and “hologram” and represents the digitization of a living artist or high-level educator.

Thanks to icologram® Show and the agreements we’ve signed with industry leaders, we’re able to distribute our icologram® worldwide…

A utility token issued on the Ethereum 2.0 blockchain
containing a staking mechanism to validate license transactions.

Discover our Digital Humanities Studio

Pioneers of Phygital, Fusing Art and Technology for Immersive Experiences

We use an innovative approach by combining the most advanced resources, such as augmented reality, holography and the phygital world, to create immersive and unique visual experiences, while guaranteeing the security and transparency of digital transactions.

Our creative studio is made up of passionate professionals skilled in creating unique and original augmented reality and phygital experiences.