Cybel’Art offers an innovative phygital approach that merges the physical and digital worlds, using virtual, augmented and holographic reality with our icologram®, icolocard® and icolocoin® protocols to create captivating experiences for our customers.

Augmented Reality

Cybel’Art is revolutionizing art and advertising by combining augmented reality to offer high-quality immersive experiences for shows, promotional products and artworks.

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Phygital services

Cybel’Art is constantly adapting to technological developments, offering unique experiences that merge the physical and the digital. We offer original solutions for communication and events.

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Creative Studio

Our creative studio offers unique and original experiences in augmented reality or Phygital, thanks to our passionate and skilled team. We turn your ideas into reality.


The Metaverse Agency

Cybel’Art is a Swiss company offering an innovative approach to its customers’ digital needs. It fuses the physical and digital worlds to create impactful experiences, notably using augmented reality for ArtTech, promotional and artistic products. In 2019, it created the first holographic will in cinematic history thanks to its icologram® protocol, demonstrating its commitment to providing innovative and legal solutions to protect and enhance its customers’ content.

Three complementary products

Our protocol for digital humanity

3D phygital greeting cards

A rights management solution using blockchain

Compelling digital experiences

By combining the most advanced technologies, such as augmented reality, holography and the phygital world, Cybel’Art has developed a new approach to the digital world. We have created innovative solutions, including icologram®, icolocoin® and icolocard®, which offer unique, immersive visual experiences, while guaranteeing the security, traceability and transparency of digital transactions.